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Stop Smoking Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

stymie Smoking - Essay ExampleApp atomic number 18ntly one of the top sellers worldwide are tobacco processing companies. Today and on the past decades, people round the globe felt the addiction of nicotine in stooges. Some say they smoke for leisure only, to consume free time, to look cool, or to submit something on their mouth to ease salivation, maybe some of them fell to cigarette take in due to influences by the people surrounding them, and sometimes they smoke only for themselves to feel belongingness to a group.So why waive? one common question mostly thrown by those who smoke to people who is convincing them to power point to. Most smokers, although there are some, do not know what they have been doing to their body and the nature around them by sess. A person smoking needs to undergo smoking cessation, the process of discontinuing the practice of inhaling smoke, in order to be safe for several health risks and problems in public that may have been caused by smoking. In the U.S. one of five deaths are caused or related to cigarette smoking. The effect of cigarette smoking includes several number of health problems like cancers, lung diseases, heart attacks, strokes and blood vessel ailments, risks to women and babies, or even sightlessness and death (American Cancer Society). In the late 1990s, the US CDCP (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) surveys shows that for e precise year fatigued smoking lifespan of a person is decreased. In males there is an average of 13.2 years of life that had been woolly by smoking and 14.5 among females. However, people who stop smoking enjoy several health benefits and could live much years than those who keep smoking. Illustration from The picture above illustrates the appraisal of a cause and effect. The text Stop smoking or stop breathing shown above proffers the readers or the viewers the idea to hesitate to smoke. It somehow makes them realize something that may happen unto t hem upon continuing to smoke, death. The skeleton with a cigarette on its mouth implicates the idea of dying it is because in general people tend to relate death by skeletons symbolically. It gives the readers/viewers the upkeep to die and hesitate to smoke. (Illustration from The colors used in the above illustration were completely bold and compact. The filthy and white technique used was to provide emphasis and to conduct a direct focus on the part of the reader/viewer. When you look at the picture, you certainly give your focus on the lit cigarette. It strengthens the introduction of the effect which is smoking mainly. While the big letter Q above strikes the idea to the viewer/reader to quit. It is in a bigger size other than any of the elements found on the illustration above. It represents the range of the topic which is to stop smoking. What You Did. What Must You Do.? The above illustrations convey the presentation of the objective of the topic. The rea ders/viewers were driven to have the contextual idea or concept of thinking that continuing cigarette smoking could have a very strong impact to their health that it could cause several ailments and health risks, or even death. The bold colors, sizes and shapes of the pictures provide strong impact on utilizing the main topic. The technique used was to provide the facts and risks of smoking and to drive the readers/viewers to act accordingly in order to prevent those risks from emerging. Effects of Cigarette Smoking Cigarette smoking Raises blood pressure Suppresses immune function Reduces stamina whitethorn cause gum disease whitethorn cause emphysema Wrinkles your skin Very addictive Dulls senses of smell and taste Leads to depression and fatigue May cause heart attacks May cause lung cancer May cause DEATH The information art used in this stop smoking topic through the above pictures and table that describes the effects of cigarette smoking and the actions to be done to prevent its effects. Information graphics could provide critical thinking of amount and analysis process without doing calculations and just

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