Tuesday, May 28, 2019

How the Sonnet Form is Associated with Love and Ardent Expression :: Sonnets Love God Essays

How the Sonnet Form is Associated with Love and Ardent ExpressionGods immensity is a sonnet associated with the environment andobviously, God. It is an Italian petrarchan sonnet, where thither is a noniceable split in the poem which makes up the octave and the sestet.The first four lines of the octave, describes a natural world throughwhich Gods presence runs through like an electric current, becomingat times noticeable is flashes. A metaphor is used to emphasise GodsGrandeur as an electric force. Gerard Hopkins suggest that there issome kind of force not to our attention, which builds up a sort oftension which can be twain positive or negative. Gods presence couldalso be described as a rich oil, which when tapped with a enduringpressure, builds up to a greatness. These comments are stated in thepoem, It gathers to a greatness, like the ooze of oil. It is clearto the reader from this point that the love being expressed here is very(prenominal) much towards God, his presence, and th e natural world surroundingus.After the poet, Gerard Hopkins, suggests the fact of Gods presence inthe world, he then asks the reader to ask themselves wherefore humans failto take note of Gods powerful authority. The news show rod in this poemrepresents Gods grand authority. The experience of electricity alsosubtlety returns in the fourth line, where the rod of Godspunishments calls to mind the lightning rod in which excesselectricity in the atmosphere will sometimes disappear. The stressedsyllables in the fourth line also reinforce to the reader the questionwhich is being asked here by Hopkins. For example, words such asCrushed, why, not all contribute to the powerful rhythm, which helpsput the question across more efficiently. This all contributes inhelping the poet convey such a strong fervid expression, which isneeded greatly in order for the full effect of the poem to show.In the next line, the strong, falling rhythm of have trod, havetrod, have trod, recreates the audio recording of marching footsteps inemphatic onomatopoeia. The message here is of what man has done to theenvironment, Gods environment, by using it over the years for various way of transport. The onomatopoeia and alliteration here helps toput the message across because the tension increases by a largeamount, resulting in a more exciting and powerful climax.The word and is used often and the start of lines to compoundsomething which is trying to be said. It helps put across the messagemore efficiently because the same word is being forever drummedinto the reader And all is searedAnd wears mans smudge etc.

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