Friday, May 10, 2019

Six Thinking Hats Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Six Thinking Hats - Assignment ExampleI find it difficult tidying my bedding often when I wake up. My room is spacious and I birth great bed. I fear it lacks neatness that any other(a) bed should have.Looking at the chore with the white hat, I realized the fact, that is penetrateing my bed is a great disaster. Precisely, it makes my room to olfactory sensation blowzy and congested. I feel that by the time I finish making my bedding there shall be no enough time for my preparation. I would rather engage into any other activity than to spread it. Under many circumstances I would fail to position my bed, thereby making my room to look dirty.Analyzing the problem with red hat thinking, some of my family members think the proposed color of my bedding looks extremely ugly. They anticipate for other colors, than the one present. Each one fear that a fellow family member may not neediness for the arrangement made. They argue that my bed positioning is the worst.Tackling the issue wit h the black hat thinking, I fear that my family projections might be wrong. If my bed is not attractive, none of my siblings may wish to associate with my private issues. My room may be wished to be kitchen garbage. In this case it may remain abandoned for a long time. braggart(a) memories may be associated with my room occasionally they may call it horrible or rather terrific. xanthous hat thinking model, for instance, symbolizes optimism. If I choose to maintain the maximum cleanness, choose the favorable color by all my family members put the bed on the right wanted position, my room may stand a great place to be. They may wish to vacate to my place or even wish to split it, so as to capture a great income to the kitty. This would be on a long condition basis.Blue hat thinking ensures that I stand above all various thinking styles. here(predicate) I see the need to keep other family members from judging other persons problems. Usually used by chair persons in meetings. The b lue hat is used

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