Thursday, October 17, 2019

Week 5 Journal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 3

Week 5 Journal - Essay Example All these countries have the highest number of Muslims. Almost 70% of the population in the host countries consists of Muslims (Cordesman, 2015). Since ISIL aims at turning the world into an Islamic State, it targets such countries for easy radicalization, religious and political control, and abolishment of democracy. Since it is dominant in Syria and Iraq, it has the ability to control most government operations through its involvement in politics, economical maters; oil issues, and religious issues (Laub & Masters, 2015). This gives an indicator that these two governments in one way or the other support ISIL’s operations. It is known that most governments in the Middle East do not like America’s involvement in its affairs; it appreciates ISIL’s resistance against America and thus quietly funds it. However, while other terrorist organizations solely rely on financial networks from sympathizers, ISIL derives its wealth from oil sales, taxes, and extortion. However, in return, it institutes order, which include punishing those who go against the Islamic religion, and protects the locals from the Assad and Maliki regimes (Tabler, 2014). It is controversial on how ISIL operates in its host countries. This is because it covered by political parties and other governmental organs, which make its operations invisible to whoever tries to fight it. However, it must be known that ISIL is a terrorist organization fought against by most governments. In fact, it has been suggested that the groups can be wiped out by Iran, as a move to help Iraq realize its own path. Cordesman Anthony H. (2015, May 1). The First Inspector General Report on the Fight Against ISIL: A Public Relations Exercise Without Meaningful Transparency. Center for Strategic & International Studies. Retrieved Jun 7, 2015 from: Tabler Andrew J. (2014, Aug 11). ISIL Could

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