Sunday, October 13, 2019

Painting for Dummies! :: Free Expository Process Essays

Painting for Dummies! Whether your once fresh walls have, over the years, become filthy and grimy or you just want to redecorate and add some color, sooner or later, you're just going to have to paint a room. No matter which of these circumstances you face, painting the room is not always an easy task. On the contrary, it can be overwhelming, but if you stick to these simple steps, you will be successful. Now that you have a room to paint, where do you start? Well, you definitely have to do some preparing before you jump into actually painting. Preparing the room is often the most time-consuming step in painting a room. Once the room is prepared, the end is just around the corner! If you want the whole job done easier and faster, I highly suggest asking for some help from friends or family. The first thing to do is make sure you have all the items needed to get the job done. The most essential item is the paint. For the best results, buy a high quality, one coat paint. Also, buy the right kind of paint. Semi-gloss is used on kitchens, bathrooms, and children's rooms. If it's a living room or a hallway to be painted, buy a flat paint. The rest of the essential items are: the primer (if you're painting a light color over a darker color), brushes and rollers, and a paint pan. You also may be wondering whether to use oil-based paint or water-based paint. If you ask just about anyone, they'll tell you not to even bother with oil based paint. If you spill that on anything, it's nearly impossible to wipe off, you'd have to use paint thinner and that's just more mess than anyone should have to deal with. So definitely buy a water-based paint; it's easy to clean up and does just as good [of ] a paint job as the oil-based paint. The next list of items needed are: masking tape, spackling paste, a drop cloth or an old sheet you don't mind getting paint on, newspapers, a sponge and some household cleaner (spic and span works best), and some old clothes to wear while painting. If you don't already have these items, you can buy them at your local hardware store. If you need help or have any questions on any items, ask an employee.

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