Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Summary and reflection of an Article Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Summary and reflection of an Article - Assignment Example The authors of the article point out that the issue of match-day attendance is greatly influenced by the uncertainty of the outcomes of the matches. Reduced attendance is attributed to increased uncertainty. High attendance is usually witnessed whenever the fans predict that the chances of their team winning are very high compared to losing or drawing. This has brought about issues of revenue sharing because revenue sharing is pegged on receipt sales and broadcast rights issues. Poor attendance will mean that there will be less revenue to share amongst the stakeholders. However, despite this, intervention measures are less apparent in European soccer. Intervention measures are necessary in order to improve competitive balance. The dynamics of the findings of this research are complex because television viewers have different preferences from fans who view matches at the stadiums (Buraimo and Simmons 154). The findings of this research are quite controversial because the dynamics of watching matches live from stadiums and on television are quite different. I do not agree with the sentiments of the authors when they claim that fans usually attend stadiums because they prefer to see their teams battle it out with teams that they find inferior and easy to beat. This is because whether to watch a match live from the stadium or to watch it from a television from a place of choice all depends on preference. For example, sometimes, in the English Premier League, there are very strong teams that often play together. Just from general observations, it is evident that such matches are usually attended by very many fans. In such matches, it is usually very difficult to determine which team will win the game. This is because both teams playing in such a match are usually very strong and it is difficult to predict which team may win. Despite the fact that both teams are

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