Friday, August 9, 2019

Case study on Western States University Hospital Essay

Case study on Western States University Hospital - Essay Example In the present case, the lack of nursing leadership is the main reason that information system is not being used to its full potential. The importance of IT/IS system needs to disseminated amongst the employees so that they are able to understand the vast potential of computer and how it would improve and improvise their performance outcome. The success of system could only realized when the people who are directly involved with the various aspects of the information, ensure that small effort from them would significantly impact the outcome of the necessary outcome. ABC system is fully capable of coordinating activities and ensuring smooth operation of the hospital when details of patients are entered timely. While admitting clerks need to fill in the initial details of the patients, the discharge and transfer of patients need to be timely entered within the database by the nursing staff to produce updated reports of the patients. There is definitely huge room for improvement. The basic purpose of all business is to strive for improved performance. The hospital management must also ensure performance improvement through leadership initiatives that promote team building, shared goals and collective decision making. Indeed, performance measurement and improvement have increasingly become key issues in healthcare delivery. Meeting the needs and requirements of patients are the major objectives of effective healthcare delivery system.... Hence, in the present case, development of core performance improvement team would help to motivate, inform and train the employees, especially nursing staff, in improving their individual and collective performance for improved results. The most appropriate type of PI team would be the one that understands that knowledge leads to empowerment so that people can make decisions based on informed choices. Hence, team members must comprise of persons who have strong cross cultural understanding and understand the implicit and explicit importance of technology. The main goal of the team would be to identify the areas where the creative inputs of the staff would impact on the performance. The necessary linkages like training of staff on new skills would also be part of PI team so that staff can keep up with the on-going changes within and outside the organizations and ensure continuous improvement in their performance. Answer 3 Organizational structure of hospital is complex in its deliver y of goals. Smooth operations within its various departments become critical part of its success. The PI team of the hospitals should therefore, comprise of managers and leaders from different department. Nurses, physicians, administrators, clinicians, dieticians and pharmacists should be included. They should understand the need for continuous improvement of performance and have clearly defined goals for their team and provided with requisite knowledge skills to achieve their target. The team members must be educated on the need for coordinated efforts to achieve the wider goals and objectives of the hospitals. Nurses and physicians are intrinsic part of healthcare industry that is directly

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